Project Service Project, September: In which Tamsin has a lot to say, and tells y'all about Caps for Good

OK, that was fun! I really enjoyed doing the giveaway - what did you guys think? Do you enjoy a good prize-winning opportunity, or would you rather I just keep on keepin' on with my regular old projects? I kept the competition open for two weeks to make sure that as many of you that wanted to could enter, but that felt like kind a long time to me. How about you - did you find it annoying how I kept harping on about the giveaway?

On to other things.

First up, Nick and I are kind of engrossed in a couple of projects of our own, one of them being Project-New-Living-Room. New furniture will be arriving tomorrow, and so we are frantically trying to sell our beloved couch to make room for a new, bigger and prettier one. With an accompanying ottoman to replace our coffee table. I am very excited.

Or other project is the abolishment of treats on weekdays. Basically, we're trying to get into some good eating habits before Espen grows up and picks up our bad ones. So now we're on our third week of no evening treats, and it's going pretty well. We eat whatever we want to on the weekends, so Mondays have been hard, but by about Wednesday I'm all kinds of virtuous and glowy. Which doesn't mean that I'm not ready to break down on Fridays and declare it the official start of the weekend, but so far, so good. We will see how we go.

Now, onto Project Service Project!

I still need to post photos of the finished results for August, but you are going to immediately forgive me in your heart for that little delinquency ('k, go!). As I was thinking about what to do for September, I found I was still in a making mood, and feeling tender-hearted over babies getting a rough start in life, without the basic essentials. So, when I stumbled across Caps for Good, a campaign fronted by Save The Children, I knew I had to take part. Basically, it's a campaign where you knit or crochet hats for newborn babies in developing countries, and then mail them in.

For little guys and girls like this:

As a mother, I can't imagine trying to take care of a baby in a situation where something as simple as a hat could mean the difference between life and death for my child. And as a mother, I can't imagine not reaching out to someone facing that situation. I'm not sure how many caps I can make this month, but if even just one little baby gets an easier start to life because of something I did, I will consider it a privilege to help.

Guess what?

You can help too! All the information you need to participate can be found here. And again, if you live in my area (Utah Valley) and want to make something, please feel free to give it to me, and I will be happy to mail it in with mine. I will send mine off during the first week or so of October, so please get your caps to me by then.

And please read FAQ section included in the link above before you get your yarn out, so you can be sure to make a cap that can be used.

I look forward to hearing from you! And, if you decide to take part in Caps for Good send things in on your own, please tell me about it! I'd love to share photos of your work here on my blog.

Photo found here, along with a great article about Caps for Good.


  1. gosh its been ages since we communicated!- I think that when your done decorating, its only fair to share pictures, oh and I am on a similar healthy kick to you, I like to think its doing me a world of good!

  2. I'm sure your living room will look great! And the hats sound like a wonderful idea. Things like that make all the difference.

  3. Ooh! I think I'm going to make a couple and try to get them to you. We'll see. :) I'll let you know for sure!

  4. Nancy, I'd be happy to come pick them up too. It would give me an excuse to meet Miriam and see you and your girls!

  5. Well, I finished a hat today so we'll definitely have to plan a time to get together then! :)

  6. Høres ut som et veldig bra prosjekt! :)


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