Going to give thanks.

This afternoon my little family and I will be heading down to Las Vegas to celebrate Thanksgiving with Nick's family. In spite of the hours and hours of driving, I am really looking forward to a little time away with my boys.

I have to say that since Nick and I got married Thanksgiving has become my favourite adopted/American holiday. It wasn't until I became part of an extended family that I love that I really understood what the holiday is all about. It's not as much about eating yourself sick, watching football and getting up at 3 AM to go bargain shopping, as it is about simply being with your family and loved ones. Of course the food is undeniably a big part of it, but the more I see my mother-in-law (and this year my sister-in-law) plan and prepare Thanksgiving dinner for weeks in advance, the more I recognize it as an expression of love for their family. All that work is to create a special and memorable time, and I am so thankful for the people in my life who value that.

Similarly, I see that same love in all the millions of people currently milling around the country through blizzards and TSA scans, trying to get home for the holidays. I admire the sacrifices that families are willing to make to spend a few days with each other. That's a holiday that I can get behind. :)

I've been pretty remiss in my blogging lately (thank you for noticing! You love me! You really love me!), but I will be back December 1st with a whole slew of Christmassy posts up my sleeve. I'll see you then!

*Image, Norman Rockwell, Freedom from Want.


  1. Feel free to drop by our casa! Sorry our weather couldn't be better. This is freaking COLD for us!

  2. Give a hug to every North you see from us, and have a lovely time in sunny Las Vegas.

  3. Have fun in Vegas! My hubby is from there too! Green Valley/Henderson area.

  4. hope you will have a great trip and a great time, do you realy get up in the middle of the night to go bargain shopping :-))


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