Halloween Week: The End

Sorry this post is a bit late, my mind has been elsewhere for the last couple of days.

In spite of a rocky start, we had a really great weekend with Nick's mom and dad. Our nephews, Luke and Rylan, were also in town to spend Halloween with Grandma and Grandpa, and we really enjoyed being able to spend some time with them, especially seeing as they are about to move across the country.

Here's how we got our Halloween on this year:

First we carved pumpkins (Luke and Grandpa action-shot),

while Grandma baked cookies. Which I didn't take this photo of because I was too busy shoveling them in my face.

Then the boys got dressed and ready to go trick or treating. Luke is a mail man (not a postal worker!), Rylan is Batman, and Espen is a lion. Nick is essentially a photo prop (but a very handsome one).

Oh, what's that, you wanted a better look at Espen? Well... OK!

Here's where things got a little crazy: My in-laws live in a very popular neighborhood for trick or treating, and so people were quite literally out in the thousands. We probably handed out about 900 pieces of candy, and one neighbor estimated that they had 1300 people come to their door. It was nuts. Nick's mom opened the door to the first trick or treaters at 5:30 PM, and didn't close it until we ran out of candy at 8 PM.

But we braved the crowds anyway, and headed out into the streets. This photo might give you a clue as to why this neighborhood gets hit so hard. Some of the houses just get really into it!

And that was essentially it for us. We went back in, put a very tired and grateful Espen to bed and then watched Luke and Rylan sort through their candy. Sunday was offically Halloween, but we spent that going to church, playing board games with the family, and then driving back.

Halloween was a lot different this year than it has been before, but in a good way. Nick and I got into the whole dressing up thing, because we HAD TO have one for Espen. I essentially decided a year ago that he was going to be a lion, and so we had to find the right costume (with the all-essential loopy mane!) to make my dreams come true. It just occurred to me that Espen had a Halloween costume picked out before we had settled on a name for him! :)

Trick or treating was fun too, because we enjoyed seeing Espen's experiencing something so new and different. It really wasn't about the candy for us, and the closest Espen got to all of that was holding a ring pop that his cousin gave him. This year the holidays had a real family focus for us, and that is something that I would like to keep up in years to come.

Oh, you wanted one more photo of Espen before we go? One of him wearing Norwegian mittens? Well, you're in luck:


  1. nommin så søt, ohh det var mange her hos oss kom det ingen :-( enda jeg hadde godisen klar :-( ja ja kanskje det kommer noen neste år, synes det er morro jeg med slikt husker jo selv når vi gikk julebukk.

    Så nydelig Espen var som løve..


  2. I may have a baised opinion, but espen wins! he is too cute,
    cute baby; check! lion costume!?; check! = gorgeous baby overload!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Our prayers are with him and all of you.

    But Espen, as always, is crazy adorable. That lion costume is awesome! And I can't believe how many trick or treaters they got! We got... one! Well, technically two, but our door was knocked once. Lame!


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