Christmassy Christmas!

We started our Christmas season on a bit of an untimely note by first being delayed a day going home by a snow storm, and then when we got back, both of my boys caught some kind of stomach bug. Mercifully, I escaped, but perhaps not so mercifully, that left me the grown up in charge for a lot of the time. Oh, it is sad to see your little guy feel so miserable! Fortunately, Espen is a surprisingly resilient little guy who always bounces back quickly. More than once I'd be cleaning him up after the latest "incident", and he'd just look up and me and smile and babble. I adore that little boy!

Probably more than ever before, I keep staring at the calendar in panic and realizing just how much I want to take care of before Christmas, and how little time there is to do it. I've never been this stressed out about Christmas before - does motherhood make you feel like this? Yikes.

Anyway, I am hoping to up the Christmas cheer factor here on the ol' blog, so (barring any more uncooperative weather or disease) expect some spastic updates from me in the week to come.

Until then, enjoy this little playlist that I put together with some of my Christmassy faves. There are a few Norwegian carols in there, but you, my friend, are just the kind of person who doesn't get all bunchy about things like that. No, you enjoy expanding your cultural horizons. And that is why I like you.


  1. Du er ikke av de tregeste jeg har bare fått pyntet huset og ikke ferdig engang... jeg mangler gardiner og duker ser ikke ut til at jeg klarer å få det opp på noen dager heller..
    Og pakker hm ingen i hus, ja noen bestilt men ingen i hus og hvor er julekortene ja jo i posten ett sted men bare på vei til meg og ikke ennå sendt.. litt igjen her og altså.. :-) klemme på


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