Know Your Fork: Festival of Lights

Every Christmas, Spanish Fork puts on a light display, and this year we took Espen to his first Festival of Lights (not to be confused with the other Spanish Fork Festival of Lights, AKA Diwali). We've been before and loved it, but, oh, it doesn't get much more magical than seeing your own little boy's excitement and delight. There were a few times he looked as though he was going to try to jump out of the window, and he just kept smiling and squealing and bobbing up and down to the music on the radio as he tried to reach out and grab the lights as we drove by. I know it sounds a bit silly, but just being in our little car with my boys, listening to cheesy Christmas music on the radio and looking at the lights, made me so happy I felt like my heart might just burst. How lucky am I to marry a man who is everything I'd ever hoped for, and then to have a little boy who is everything I'd ever dreamed of and more?

While I can't promise you exactly the same perfect, glowing let's-save-this-moment-for-ever experience I had, I can promise you that the Festival of Lights is worth a visit.

Go here for more info, and think to yourself that really, Spanish Fork should give me its key for being such a great ambassador.

Images borrowed here, hereand here because I am a dolt who can't remember her camera.


  1. Awww, how sweet! I loved your description of little Espen. What a cutie-pie!

  2. My parents made it a tradition to take my chidren there every year. My father had a stroke the week before Christmas so it looked like they weren't going this year, but was blessed to recover quickly and they went, like always.


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