One of my favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas is setting up the nativity. Ours is from Willow Tree, and while it's not anything very unique, rare or valuable, I think it's beautiful. I love the simplicity of the figures, and feel like they give you space to think about what they represent rather than what they look like.

Espen is a pretty big fan too, so we've spent some time over by the table talking about Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, as well as sheep, donkeys and camels. Espen likes the goat, and it's so fun to see how interested he is in this new thing . So far he's been very gentle with the figures I've allowed him to touch and hold, but I don't imagine that will last until next year, when I'm sure we'll be looking for a new place to display them! We set them up over by the window this year, so I have a great view of them from my spot on the couch. I love the simple, quiet reminder of what Christmas is really about for me and my family.


  1. How sweet :) We still don't have a nativity--it's something I want to work on.

  2. I love this set! And I agree, the simplicity of it seems to make it represent the ideal more than if it were loaded with detail.

  3. Så herlige:)

    Er sikker på at dere nyter førjulstiden over there:)

    God jul til deg og dine to gutter, Tamsin - fra oss her i Brenneriroa:)


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