200th Post: Thank you!

Today marks the 200th post here on Project Project. To celebrate this momentous occasion of me rambling and you reading, I decided that I would like to thank each and every one of you personally. Admittedly, once I'd made this decision, I was a little stumped. Because how do you reach (potentially) a couple of hundred people in a way that still feels personal? I'd love to send you all roses and a hand-written thank you note, expressing how much it means to me that me and my blog mean anything at all to you, but I don't have the wherewithal to pay for all of that. I thought about posting a list of people I'd like to thank on my blog with links so you could all find each other and marvel at all the wonderful people who stop in here for a peek, but come on, Tamsin, a list? You can do better than that.

Then I thought, what if I let you choose how I thank you? What if you thought of something that you would really like from me, and then told me about it, and I did it?

It could be pretty much anything (with the notable exception of cash prizes, my husband or my child), if it falls within the realms of reason and possibility, I will do it!

Here are a few of my own ideas, but feel free to come up with anything you like on your own:
  • Since this is a blog, I thought something bloggy might be good. I could write a guest post for you, or if you prefer, you could write a guest post for me here on Project Project.
  • I could make you a playlist with some fabulous tunes that I just know you'd love ('cause we're tight like that, you and me).
  • We could be online shopping buddies for the day.
  • If you really had your eye on that hand-written thank you note, I could send you one.
  • I could write you a fun email every day for a week, because couldn't we all use something fun in our inboxes every once in a while?
  • I could use my severely limited skills to make you a blog header.
  • I could be your personal consultant on any topic of your choice.
  • If you're local, I could bake you a cake! Or buy you an ice cream cone. Or be your buddy for a visit to an art exhibit.
  • If I know you in person, I could babysit while you go out on a hot date! Or you could invite yourself over for dinner. Or I could come and sit on your bed and talk to you while you clean out your closet!

The possibilities are endless!

So, don't be shy: tell me what you'd like. Let me know in a comment here in this post, or email me at tamsin.project.project@gmail.com. Please don't write your mailing address or phone number in the comments, as I can't guarantee that everyone reading is as wonderful as you are.

Thank you!


  1. This is such a cool idea! are you really going to do something for everyone? rather you than me! but you know what, I'd love a letter.
    I know we exchange emails weekly, but letters are fun x

  2. Ilove your blog and check every single day to see if there is anything new. I would like most of your ideas, but most of all I want you to come and sit on my bed. Soon!

  3. Can you come sit on my bed, pleeeeeease?! Oh, how I wish that could happen. Sigh. Or, that you could pat my head and tell me I'm pretty. :) But in lieu of your actual person, I would love a play list from you! Hooray! You make great play lists!

  4. I would love happy emails! Oh, you would make my day! :) I love your blog, I love the thank you card you are holding, and I love your smiley face. :)

  5. congrats on your 200th post! awesome!

  6. Congratulations! We'd love for you to participate in The Neopolitan's blog. We would loooove a guest post. We will have to brainstorm soon.


  7. Congratulations on 200 posts!!! I've got a pedicure problem you could help me with, if only I lived nearby. Sigh. You're really missing out! :)

  8. Congrats! For thanks to me - just keep posting, sweetie pie!


  9. We would love to do something in person with you sometime, you know, since we're close and all. :)


    No, really I'd love it if you and yours would come to dinner/games Monday night at our old abode.

    For old times sake.

    Also - I love this idea. Truly. Especially the one about sitting on my bed while I clean out my closet.

    But...and I may be the only one...but I loved that idea of a list of all your readers so we can click each other!

    Mm-kay, bye!


    PS: Good thing you specified that Espen was not an option.

  11. I'm with Barb.

    Your continued bloggership is thanks enough. Love your posts. Thanks for writing! :)


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