Cabin Fever Week

Utah really is a beautiful place to live. Endless sunshine in the summer, and lots of crisp, white snow in the winter. The only downside to this is just how much time you end up spending hiding from the elements inside, especially when you have a baby. Too hot, or as the case may be now, too cold temperatures just don't sit well with those little bodies, so inside the house we stay. And stay. And stay.

We've had a lot of warm weather and sunshine lately, and I was starting to feel like winter might eventually end when it snowed. To say I almost cried would be an overstatement, but to say that I literally felt the walls closing in on me would not. Knowing that we have literally months (OK, maybe two) of being cooped up inside was almost more than I could take. So I began devising an action plan:

Every day this week Espen and I are going to find something to do at home that will be fun and enjoyable for both of us. Obviously mostly for Espen, but I also want to try to find the sweet spot where we're both really enjoying ourselves and one of us isn't secretly thinking "my arms hurt, why isn't he getting sick of this yet?" Because, yes, I admit that does happen. The horror!

I'll try to post daily about our activities this week, so check back soon to see how we're doing. Until then, I'd love to hear how you beat the cabin fever at your house, with or without kids in tow!

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  1. Well look at the bright side- staying in more has probably protected you and Espen from catching the endless amount of colds, flu, and just general sickness that is ever circulating this winter. It's been worse than I can ever remember before. But, I totally understand you. I hate being cooped up! Can't wait to see what you guys do. :)

  2. I used to LOVE snow, but when I fell over this past november and just about killed my ankle meaning I can for the time being not wear heels or go ice skating, I decided I HATE it, so good luck! I feel for ya!

  3. Awww I so remember that feeling! My Daughter(whose now almost 13) was born in Feb. and I was cooped up in the house. My sweet husband seeing my dismay said these words. "lets plan a trip" we planned to go in Nov of that year and even though our families thought we were crazy ...we went to Disney World with our then nine month old daughter. We had The most wonderful time. and those winter months became a time to plan--it made all the difference in the world. plan a trip even if its just a day trip or weekend geta way in the year ahead. plan and hopefully it'll bring some sunshine to these winter days. hope this helps. Blessings, Joanne


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