Quit yer whining.

When I told Nick this morning that I was going to try to not complain about anything until Sunday, he thought about it for a minute, grinned and then starting poking me in the ribs until I begged for him to stop.

"You're just taking advantage because I can't complain," I complained.

Nick grinned again. This could be a long week.

Truth be told, I can be a bit of a Negative Nelly. I'm critical ("What were they thinking!?!"), I see the downside a lot ("This kitchen just won't stay clean!!!!"), I get overwhelmed and give up. I think it might partly have something to do with the fact that I usually have such high hopes for both myself and the world around me that I often feel like I'm being let down.


So clearly, this kind of malarkey has got to stop. It occurred to me while I was in church yesterday that it's all well and good to make well-intended comments to the teenagers that I work with there about "being the change you want to see" and "taking responsibility for your own happiness", but maybe it would be even better if I tried to take some of my own advice?

Which brings us back to what I was telling Nick this morning: I am not going to complain about anything for an entire week.

Who's with me?

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  1. I love this! I've already broken it this morning, but I'll try :)

    (but I did have to clean POOP off of our WALLS, so shouldn't that merit some complaining??)

    Okay seriously, all done. Hopefully. :)

  2. I am sort of with this- but my mouth has a mind of it's own and I like a good moan, but I'll try :)

  3. Wow. I wish I'd read this at the BEGINNING of this day. I think I gave Bill an earfull on our way home this evening about the Toyota Dealership.

    A week of deliberate non-complaining.

    I like it.

    I'm in!

  4. Part of not complaining, I think, is serving. When you see something that could be improved or different, try to help fix it! Be motivated instead of criticial, right?

  5. Bra initiativ, Tamsin! Digger prosjektene dine. Du har en award på bloggen min. ;)


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