It's been a quiet week here on Project Project, due to the fact that we've had a pox on our house. OK, I've been sick. Somehow I've managed to escape just about everything that has been going around since we've had Espen (with one very notable exception - dreaded lurgy, you know who you are), but I was struck down last Saturday by the common cold, and have been fighting it off ever since. The upside to being sick, though, is that people are nice to you and let you sleep. Nick took care of both me and Espen all Sunday, and then on Tuesday one friend watched Espen for me so I could rest, and another one brought us dinner.

I know, I don't know how i got friends like that either. But enough about my cold!

A few things:
  • I am planning to be back in full force with a new week-long project on Monday, so stop in to see what I have going on.
  • If you feel like Project Project has gotten very baby-centric lately, you are not wrong! As he gets older, more active and naps less, more and more of my time and focus goes to Espen, as I think it should. Naturally, a lot of the things I try to do in a day revolve around him, and so that is what I blog about. I guess I am a mommy blogger after all! However, having said that, I do feel like it's important to leave some room for me-centric things too, which is why I'll be trying to blog a bit more about those in the coming weeks, rather than plastering photos of my adorable infant all over the place.
  • Speaking of my adorable infant: thanks to his birthday party and the Party Perfect feature (as well as a mention here), I am finally the author of the most read post on my blog! Ever since Carina of The Jet Set generously wrote a guest post for me, that post has steadily been getting daily hits since November 2009. That's what happens when you get someone far more popular and genius than yourself to write for you, but now I am back in the saddle again!
  • I am looking for small businesses that might be interested in doing a giveaway or two/sponsorship deal here on the blog. The smaller the better! I love the idea of helping to get word out there about your genius product, so please let me know if you're interested. Email me at tamsin dot project dot project at gmail dot com, and we will work something out.
And that is it! See you on Monday?


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