I've been meaning to week: Monday and Tuesday

Well, seeing as I've been meaning to blog all week, I am jumping right in and doing it! Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start, I've heard):

Those of you who have been visiting Project Project for a while might remember that I once wrote a letter to my 7th grade teacher, thanking her for the impact she had on my life. Well, she wrote me a very sweet letter that meant a lot to me, and gave me her email address so we could stay in touch. Almost nine months ago, and still no word from me. Argh.

So, on Monday I pulled out her letter and wrote her an email. 45 minutes and a few paragraphs later, and I had accomplished something I'd been wanting to do for nine months. A time period during which some people can produce a fully formed human child, and I can write an email. But the point is now it is done, and I am happy about that.

It seems I have some type of deep-seated issues with correspondence, because the next item on my list was writing thank you cards! for Espen's birthday. I'm not hugely into correct etiquette, but I do believe in thank you cards. Expressing gratitude is so important, and who doesn't like getting a little piece of mail that isn't after your money? First I tried writing them in the living room while Espen played, but he decided he'd much rather do what I was doing. Preferably exactly what I was doing with the very card and pen I was trying to use. Espen accepts no substitutes! If I was an amazing mother, I'd figure out some genius way of involving him so we could share a special teaching moment through crafting and the expression of thanks, but instead we moved into the kitchen where I distracted him with some lunch while I wrote and put the cards together myself. Again, it was quick, fun and pretty satisfying to get them all written. Now I just need to get them in the mail!

It feels good to get a few things taken care of. One per day is setting the bar pretty low, so even I can scramble over it in the course of a day. Then there's the instant pay-off where I get to feel virtuous and lovely for putting forth very little effort. And that to-do list is shrinking!

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  1. I have an email-in-progress that is 4 months in coming. I think I'll try to finish it today as well. :)

  2. Good for you! Blessings, Joanne


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