Project Make You Smile: Thursday

Let's do two things again today. The only risk here is too much smiling, people! First up, this little guy:

Oh, he makes me grin!

Another little person that always makes me smile is Piper Jane, who you can read all about on her mom's blog Reagan's Blob. Here is Piper Jane playing the piano. WARNING: Click on that link and know that you are about to fall, and fall hard! I check in regularly for my dose of that little Pip. Piper Jane lives in a hospital, so this could very easily be a sad blog, but it's not at all. Piper's mom and dad know how to make life a celebration of all things Pippy. And who wouldn't be celebrating if they had a little Piper Jane in their life? Reagan's blog frequently humbles and inspires me, but mostly it makes me smile to know that there is a little girl like Piper Jane in the world.


  1. This made me feel so selfish, I'm sitting here thinking I want to cry because my birthday gathering is cancelled, and I remembered about piper jane and what I've read about her, sheesh, i gotta pull myself together, some people have real problems! thanks for making me remember :)x

  2. Definitely made me smile :) And I have a friend who knows Reagan and Piper Jane! Their kids played together (said friend also lives in NYC)


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