All I want for Christmas is...

Do you make Christmas wish lists? We used to in my family when we were kids and teenagers, but that seemed to go by the wayside at some point, and I haven't made one since. But now, of course, all the best bloggers seem to be posting them, and they're all so pretty and dreamy that I just wanted to make one too! 

Left to right, top to bottom: 

  1. Farmer's Egg Crate, from Anthropologie. I love pretty kitchen things, and this is no exception. I may be insane for wanting to pretty up the inside of my fridge, but the thought of seeing that every day just makes me smile. 
  2. La Roux: La Roux. I'm in need of some new music, and I've liked the sound of La Roux for a couple of years without every actually getting the album. 
  3. Design Sponge at Home. I've followed the Design Sponge blog for ages, and was excited to see that Grace Bonney has put together a book. My house may not look anything like the homes you'll see on Design Sponge, but I love looking and getting some new ideas. 
  4. Is anyone else in love with the clothbound Penguin classics? I love pretty things, and I love books, so this is pretty much perfection for me! I'd love any of them, but Sense and Sensibility and Little Women are at the tippy top of my list. I haven't read either of them yet, but have wanted to read either for years. 
  5. Leather gloves. Not necessarily these ones from Overstock (although I do like them!), but I would love a pair of warm, lined leather gloves. I love how a nice pair of leather gloves look, and I'd like them for driving in on those winter mornings when the car hasn't quite warmed up yet. 
  6. The entire Farmer's Market line from Anthropologie is killing me softly with its (siren) song, but these little baskets are especially adorable. I mean, look at it! 
  7. I want a bright, splashy,vintage-y calendar for my kitchen. This vintage travel calendar is really ticking my boxes, but I'd really love anything with the same feel. The only thing I'm really married to is the big whitespace around the image. It's just crisp! 
  8. Domino: The Book of Decorating. I loved the magazine before it went out of print, and just really want to snap up the book before it disappears for ever. 
  9. Asymmetric collar felted pea coat from eShakti. Here's the tricky thing about this one: I've actually had my eye on it for about a year, and this year my mum ordered it for me for Christmas. It arrived today, and I am so pleased with it that I included it on the list :)
  10. Regina Spektor: Far. I've liked Regina Spektor for ages, but haven't ever gotten any of her music. Really, though, I am just interested in new music. Any ideas?
  11.  Savon de Marseille.  I know, I know: it's a $23 bottle of soap, so help me. But I've been dying to try it,  I love the glass bottle and the styling, and I could refill it with cheapy (cheapier, anyway) soap when it was empty. And bonus! This particular one is grapefruit scented, which I think smells fantastic. And bonus-bonus, I would smile every time I saw the French word for grapefruit, which is pamplemousse! 
  12. This is really the same thing as #4, but I wanted to show you the pretty cover for the Penguin clothbound copy of Little Women

A few less specific things are on my list too:

  • A scarf or a brooch to brighten up my new coat. 
  • A subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. I think they're only $6!
  • Jewelry. I am not very good with jewelry, but I feel like I could use a few statement pieces. 
  • Tops and cardigans. 
  • Norwegian books, music and films. Oh, and chocolate. 
  • And can I just say, I love me a good old fashioned gift card. 
Gosh, that was materialistic! And fun :) At least I have a good shopping list for the after-Christmas sales, right?


  1. I love the coat ... seriously it is to DIE for! Must see it in person!

  2. I love the coat! so classic, bet it looks really cute!- and I love regina spektor! she's amazing!- I totally emailed my wishlist to my dad :)x

  3. I love the way your list is visually appealing as a design storyboard. Everything coordinates. Very creative!

  4. Let us know if the soap is worth it! It's acceptable to be a little indulgent on special occasions! :-D It's surely pretty!!!


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