Giving Thanks: November 4

November 4th: I am thankful for a perfect moment. 

After lunch today, Espen brought his Legos into the kitchen while I worked on a sweater I am knitting for Nick. I sat at the kitchen table, he played on the floor beside me while we both listened to music. I looked down at Espen playing by my feet and realized that I was perfectly happy. For a short, fleeting moment everything was right in my world and my heart was filled with pure joy. I am grateful for that moment and for the quiet voice within me that reminded me it was there.


  1. Awe. I love little perfect moments like that. I hope more come your way.

  2. True joy is knowing you're doing exactly what you were meant to be doing at this time. Enjoy these moments, perfect or imperfect. They slip by so quickly.

  3. Lovely, ta vare på alle de gode små og store øyeblikk..


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