About a month ago I was delighted to get an email from Parenting magazine, asking if they could feature my Easter egg tutorial on their website, and of course I said yes!

Well, the feature is now up, and can be seen here. It may be three sentences long, but I am wearing those three little sentences like a badge of honor today! My grin can probably be seen from space :)


I also wanted to thank all of you for your kind comments and concern after my last post. It means a lot to know I have friends thinking of, whether or not we've actually met in person. My dad's health has been improving since then, and we have some plans in the works that will help us spend some time focusing on family. We still have a long road ahead of us, but for now things are looking better.


  1. Wow! How exciting for you!
    I hope it brought a smile to your day : )

  2. WOWZER! Congratulations! It's quite an honor to be published on such a large, wide spreading site!


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