Small steps: Go for a walk!

It's finally March, and we're on our 10th week of taking small steps for our health! I'm going to go ahead and consider that an accomplishment, if you don't mind!

First things first: although we had enough snow outside to build a 3 ft. snowman last week, it is still beginning to feel distinctly springy outside. I'm talking sunshine, blue skies, bare sidewalks... and the tiniest hint of a few brave tulips in the flowerbed. And this is giving me the urge to get outside! And so I'm going to capitalize on that by going for a walk this week. I'm still going to the gym twice a week (although this week I will likely only make it once, due to this stinkin' cold!), so I'm going to try to fit in a walk on one of my off days. Of course I could handle going for a walk more than once in an entire week, I'm just going to start off small and see where it takes me (ha!). Then I'll add another weekly walk, then another, and then before too long I could find myself at the mystical point of exercising 5 days a week!


So: if you're joining me, just simply go for a walk this week. You'll be getting fresh air, exercise and some vitamin D from the sun (yes, even if it isn't out). Sounds almost alarmingly healthy, doesn't it?

 Oh, and just to illustrate the weird weather we've been having:

A little gardening on Wednesday in the warm weather. 

And a little snowman building on Thursday. 

Seriously. There are few things more confusing than Utah weather in the spring.


  1. Just to let you know, we are doing our best to follow your lead we had a meat free meal today. Some kind og vegetables caresrol and it wasnt bad :) and then we topped it off with homemade icecream and brownies. Like you said small steps. Love the picture of Espen gardening. Hope the snow will be gone soon.

  2. Isn't this weather insane? Love the pics of your little man--he is precious :)

  3. The weather here has been absurdly wild and weird too! It kinda freaks me out. :-D I definitely think it's an accomplishment that you're on week 10! I bet a lot of people have forgotten their resolutions by this point! Walks are definitely manageable for me! Let's do this!


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