A lame, lame post

OK. This is my third attempt at explaining to you why I haven't blogged for two weeks. And seeing as it's taking about 10 minutes a sentence, I'm going to do this in list form:

  1. I've been losing my mojo a bit as far as the health challenges are concerned. I really want to keep going, because I truly believe that small changes over time are the best way to live a healthier life. I'm just feeling so meh about writing and researching a new topic every week, let alone actually putting it into play. I'm sure I'll bounce back, I think I'm just plateauing a bit around the three month mark. I'm not exactly sure how this is going to play out on the blog, but if you have been following along and feel invested, please let me know what your thoughts are.
  2. As some of you might remember, my dad is fighting colon cancer, and the last couple of weeks have been especially hard. Followed by some pretty significant improvements. It's been a roller coaster! I can't even begin to imagine how he's feeling, but I have been an emotional mess lately. I may or may not have had a minor emotional meltdown at my book club, but my stoic Scandinavian/Britishness is too embarrassed to even acknowledge it. Anyway, my feelings are all over the place right now, and a lot of things, like blogging, just seem kind of, well... trivial lately. I'm sure that won't last long, and that I'll be back to my featherbrained ways before too long. Until then, I'm just finding it hard to find the words, y'know?
Anyway, I'll be back soon. Thanks for sticking with me. 


  1. Hey, in my mind, blogs can be for emotional support! I like your project posts, but I'm totally okay if you want to just review some previous projects. Like meal planning--I was so good for like two weeks, and then I got sick and totally stopped. So I agree that consistency is really hard!

    Also, I'm sad to hear that your dad has colon cancer! You probably have lots of friends around, but I'm fairly close if you just want to go for a walk or something :-).

  2. Oh Tamsin, I'm so sorry, I had no idea your dad was going through that! How hard to go through that, not only because he is your dad but because he is so far away from you. Next time I see you you're getting a hug from me!

    I agree, when scary health problems are happening, everything else becomes trivial. Totally understandable!!

  3. Sometimes we just need a break, and that's OK. Hurry back when you are ready. I will miss you.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope that he continues to improve. I think you're doing great with your lifestyle improvements! And, you definitely deserve a break to get restarted.

  5. Det virkelige livet er det som er virkelig viktigst..

    Mange gode klemmer herrifra :-)

  6. I read your post about being featured on parenting. And then I had to come look at your last post, ominous clue-giver.

    Sorry things are so rough on the homefront. Or at least on the dadfront.

    Best of luck with everything!

  7. Prayers and best wishes for you, your dad, and your fam! It's hard.

    Blogging can either be an great outlet or a "trivial" drain to keep up on. Breaks are fine! I'm a roller coaster blogger, and I've accepted that.


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