Espen plans a party

Party planner extraordinaire.

My birthday is about three weeks away, and Espen has already picked up on that fact. His interest mostly stems from an enthusiasm for presents (which he already associates with birthdays), but during our post-nap snuggle today, I found out that that he has some birthday plans of his own.

I asked Espen if he was going to get me a present for my birthday, and he told me "Oh yes! A plate. It's so nice!" Then he told me I was going to have a blue cake, and when I asked him what flavor it was going to be, he said "tasty!"

We further determined that my birthday party is going to have one guest (our good friend Annika, who will unfortunately be in Norway), and there will maybe candles that will make "light high up there!" Sounds like quite the blaze.

Then we had this little exchange:

Me: Are you going to make me a card for my birthday?
Espen: Oh yes!
Me: What will you draw on my card?
Espen: A man!
Me: Oh really? What kind of man?
Espen: A blue one! A blue man. The man measures the floor!
Me: You're going to draw the man who measured the floor on my birthday card?
Espen: Yeah! It's great!

Let me explain: "The man who measured the floor" is a local contractor who is going to put in tile for us. While he was a perfectly pleasant small business owner, I can't really say that he made quite the same impression on me as he apparently did on Espen, and it hadn't even occurred to me to include him in my birthday celebrations, but there you have it.

It seems my 32nd birthday is in capable hands (although, no blue cake, please!), and I can just sit back in easy anticipation for my big day. And should you have an upcoming event of your own, Espen's party planning services will be available for hire in 2032.


  1. It sounds like it will be a smashing success!!


  2. Sounds like he's going through his blue period. Fabulous!

    I worry how invested my kids get in people like the Dish Network guy. He's part of the family, I guess. Cause he gave us a shiny new remote! (yay?)
    Cannot let them out of my sight because they would TOTALLY go with a guy in a van who said he had candy.

  3. I have a big day comming up inn November of this year Terje could realy need some help !!


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