A summer stroll with Espen.

This morning Espen packed up a bag full of trains and a zebra, lined himself up by the front door and said "Come on, Mama! Let's go outside!" I was out of excuses for languishing on the couch, so I agreed, and off we went.  

Espen walking his trains. 

 Along the way we had a little wildlife encounter on the lawn. I'm not really bothered by snakes (petrified of moths, however) and I know that grass snakes aren't dangerous, so I called Espen over for a little inspection. He was interested but reserved, and had no problems with my instructions to leave it alone.

Wikipedia just told me that most non-venomous snakes have big round eyes. So there you have it!

After a quick prowl up and down the neighborhood in our bare feet, we headed back to the lawn to
check on the snake again (it had moved about 3 ft), then we settled down at a safe distance to play with Espen's expedition supplies.

Mister Zebra meets the wild. 

Trains without a track. 

And did I mention that this was all done barefoot? Ah, summer.

Little man feet already! 


  1. he's such a cutie! toddlers are good at getting us up and going aren't they? fun walk!

  2. He is adorable! I'm jealous you get to be out enjoying the weather. I'm stuck indoors at work... le sigh...

  3. Ohh gud jeg hadde dødd på flekken om jeg hadde sett den der i gresset utenfor , måtte ta bena opp i sofaen selv om jeg sitter her og det er ett bilde... skrekk og gru ..

    Nydelige Espen, gleder meg til neste mann uansett kjønn blir så spennede å se på likhetene :)


  4. Yuck Yuck Yuck! You gave me the willies just looking at that snake! Good thing I live VERY far away from it ;-). I am still interested in moving to that island in Alaska where there are no snakes. We need to get together sometime.


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