Advent Calendar 2012

Fashionably late, as usual. 

Thanks to miss Gwen's early arrival, Christmas kind of crept up on us a little bit this year. But somehow I still managed to pull together this year's advent calendar in the very nick of time - one hour before Espen's bedtime on December 1st, no less! 

We share the calendar together as a family, and open it at breakfast time. Sometimes there's a piece of chocolate for everyone (OK, a lot of the time there's chocolate), sometimes there's a Christmas activity for us to do together like supplies to make Christmas tree ornaments, and sometimes there is a book or a DVD to build our Christmas library. In past years there has been a CD with Christmas music, but this year I just couldn't find anything I wanted. Suggestions? Espen gets wildly excited about "what's inside?!? What's inside?!?", and we all enjoy starting our day with a little treat. My favorite thing, though, is that it gives us a little time to do something special together as a family, each and every day leading up to Christmas. 

Just in case you happen to be a monstrously fast seamstress/sewer/sewing person, and possess the ability to time travel (Doctor?) back to last Saturday and December 1st, here is the tutorial I put together for how to make our advent calendar. Or you could call yourself super organized and pin it for next year. It's a bit time consuming, but super simple (I made it, after all!) and very reusable. 

Do you have an advent calendar? Who puts it together and what goes inside? 


  1. Så koselig med felles pakker, det var en skikkelig god ide, og jeg som hadde tenkt å få til å sende til deg.. skal gjøre ett mye bedre forsøk neste år :)

    Stor klem.

  2. you are like superwoman! I don't know how you had time for that, it's so special, I like that it's one calender for everyone :)
    we're all store bought calenders this side of the pond I'm afraid, but I did save up and get my mama an extra special one filled with makeup goodies! oh didn't I win best daughter ever for that one! xoxo

  3. I love it! I've got big plans to make an advent calendar, but I haven't actually decided what kind yet. So,this year and for the past few years, our advent calendar has been provided ever so graciously by Aldi, Inc. And it's got chocolate inside! :) Merry Christmas to the North Familia, all FOUR of you! :)

  4. We never did advent calendars, but it's something I'm excited to do once I have kids. If you're still looking for Christmas albums, my favorite right now is the Elf soundtrack :)

  5. Wow! You are incredibly well organized and on top of things! Especially, when you factor-in a newborn! This is a really cute idea. I love the concept of opening a little treat or present each day leading up to the holiday!

  6. WHAT?!

    You have a newborn AND you managed to create this masterpiece BEFORE December 1st was well over?

    Dang, lady. That is impressive.

    And the advent is absolutely brilliant. I love the reasons you love it - and I love how CUTE it is! I want to know, too! What's inside? What's inside???

  7. So cute!! I've been listening to Michael Buble's (no idea how to spell that) Christmas one on Spotify, and it's pretty awesome.


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