Christmas around the house.

Just hurtling by the blog in the midst of our Christmas preparations. We decided last minute to rent a cabin in the mountains for Christmas, so are up to our eyeballs in ski pants and snow shovels as we try to get ready for a week of snowy weather and pack up and transport Christmas in full. Things are a little nuts (the UPS guy must think we are!), but the end result is going to be so completely worth it in the end. I can't wait for a week of indulging in my favorite people, good food and general holiday cheer.

Before I skip off into the snowy sunset though, here are a few shots of Christmas around our house. We keep things fairly simple (I think?), and with a pretty distinctive Norwegian flair. Because my mother is English and my father is Norwegian, I grew up blending holiday traditions from those two countries, and now we've thrown America into the mix too. December is a good month at our house!

A couple of Dickensian mice, just out caroling on the bench.

These are impossibly hard to get a good photo of , but we got two silver bells with Espen and Gwen's names engraved on. Oh, and Norwegians put flags on their Christmas trees. No biggie.

Advent candles in the window. I love seeing these lighting up the dark when we get home at night.

We're living on the edge and put the presents under the tree early, even though we have a toddler on the loose. 

The nativity, for once not creatively staged by Espen. Never mind, I just noticed a goat with attitude over on the right. 

Christmas Angel. My brother gave me this for Christmas one year, and I love it, even if I suspect my mum was heavily involved in the purchase  

Christmas Angel's Tiny Sidekick.

My sister-in-law brought me this little house from the Netherlands, and it makes me happy every time I see it, even if I haven't managed to scrounge up a tea light for it yet.

Oranges with cloves and some advent candles on the kitchen table. 


  1. christmas in the mountains!? I'm jealous. LOVE that little white house!

  2. The goat with attitud made me laugh out loud, I actually noticed before you said. Have a lovely time at the cabin and a blessed Christmas. I need your zip-code by yhe way :)

  3. i absolutely love those little mice! adorable!


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