Christmas 2012 in pictures

Our week at the cabin in the mountains is over, and we are back in civilization again, this time at Nick's parents' house for the New Year. We had such a good time up there, and I would love to do it again one of these Christmases. Just escaping the world for a little bit and spending time with family was wonderful.

Will you indulge me in a little photo avalanche from our cabin-y Christmas? I wasn't going to (Christmas is so last week!), but then I saw the photos Nick took and decided to share a little anyway. I threw in a few I took with my phone too - see if you can spot who got a fancy new camera?

Our cabin.

The Norths always play board games when they get together.  

Espen loved playing in the snow like a little Norwegian.

We went sledding in beautiful clear weather. 

Grandma was playing with her iPad, so Espen had to get "his" too.  

Making paper snowflakes for the Christmas tree with Grandma and Grandpa.
So simple and pretty, and fun to do together as a family. I think we'll do this again. 

More playing in the snow. 

The table set for Christmas Eve dinner.

Gwen and Grandma at dinner. 

Espen opening his Christmas Eve present of a new book and jammies. 

And Espen and Grandpa helping an eagerly interested Gwen open her present. 

Grandpa snuggles by the light of the Christmas tree. 

Waiting for Grandma on Christmas morning so we could open presents.

Experimenting with alternative gift opening techniques.

So full of Christmas cheer I allowed photos of me in my jammies.

Espen has been completely desperate to play boardgames lately, so we got him one for Christmas.
It has been played at least twice daily ever since. 

Espen and Gwen in their new Christmas jammies.
Mr. Handsome and his new camera. 

Gwen found the consumerism of Christmas Day frankly overwhelming. 

The boys played lots of Donkey Kong.

Nick played with his camera. 

Our good friend and fellow Norwegian, Annika, joined us for a few days. 

We played in the snow some more. 

Espen was super happy to have Annika (almost) all to himself for a few days.

We took our baby out in the snow. 

We had impressive hat hair, but were too happy to care. 

Annika made us crazy delicious dinner, and we ate entirely too much.

We enjoyed a blazing fire and wished we had one at home too. 
And that was it! It was lovely and relaxing and Christmassy in all the best ways. Spending Christmas in a cabin is something I've always wanted to do (blame George Michael), but it always seemed a bit too posh-outdoorsy. As it turns out, it was completely doable, even if I had to buy snow pants to do it.

How was your Christmas?


  1. that looks amazing! so jealous of all the snow :)

  2. awww ya'll are so cute! What a fun idea.

    We visited my parents in California, which was a nice break from the snow.


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