A little glam on a Tuesday.

Not your usual fare around here on a Tuesday.

Before I was even dressed this morning (not that hard these days), Espen has brought me my pearl necklace and a request that I wear it. Seeing as my plans for the day mostly included laundry, cleaning my kitchen and the usual child wrangling, I can honestly say I hadn't given much thought to accessorizing. I hadn't given much thought to myself at all, beyond a quick trip through the shower. So when that little face so earnest wanted me to wear something pretty, my initial reaction was to laugh and put it away. Put it away for a day more deserving of prettiness. Fortunately, my first thought was quickly overruled by my second thought, which was "why the heck not?"

Seeing as I was already going to wear my pearls, I decided after my shower that I was going to skip the wet ponytail and blow dry my hair. Then I reached for a new cardigan and tank top when I got dressed and remembered that I had just bought a new tinted lip balm. An extra five minutes of my day, and I feel pretty great about myself, actually.

Thanks, little boy.


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