Gwen's baby blessing

There are only a few days left until my mum flies home on Monday, and we are hunkering down to enjoy our last days together. It has been so great to have my mum here, especially seeing as she doesn't mind quiet days at home with me and the kids.

Because my mother was visiting, we had Gwen's baby blessing at church (an ordinance where babies are given their name and a blessing, sort of like a christening, minus the actual christening). It was a really lovely day spent with friends and family in celebration of our beautiful little girl. 

Gwen in her blessing dress. 
With Granny, who knitted Gwen's outfit.  
Espen wanted in on the picture taking action, and Gwen has had enough. Enough, I tell you!
We prettied things up a bit.
My mum made a cake.  
And I made a banner, which I think is going in her new room when we get that far. 
Some good friends came. 

And some family. 
Our little family of four. 

I may have spent the morning flapping around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to clean up, bake croissants (from a tube! Don't you worry.) and get all of washed, dressed and ready, but from the moment we stepped into the church and until bedtime was just a lovely, happy day. The blessing was beautiful, and I was completely overcome with gratitude for this little girl and the privilege that it is to be her mother. 


  1. Så kos dagen ser ut til å ha gått, og supert at mamma kunne være der sammen med dere , så fine bilder av dere alle sammen ser gleden i mange øyne :) Klem

  2. She looks such a little poppet in her outfit and it sounds like you had a wonderful day filled with family and friends :)

  3. Aw! Such a little sweetheart! I'm glad her blessing day went so well.

  4. I love her name! Also, picture of her and her brother and granny is so sweet. Congratulations on your beautiful family.


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