As is customarily done here in bloggytown, today's blog will feature my New Year's Eve 2009 round-up.

Let's start with the blog itself. Dear readers, this is your life:
  • About 5000 people have stopped by my blog in 2009. Admittedly, most of them were probably either me making sure a new entry had posted right, or the same 20 people checking to see if I have updated yet, but still: 5000 makes me very happy.
  • Visitors to my blog come from 33 different countries. Of course, 67.80% of you live in the United States, 13.60% are from Norway and 5.00% from the United Kingdom, so thank you, family and friends! 0.60% of you (or two) live in Egypt and have adorable daughters named Rachel and Miriam. Thanks, Heisses!
  • 41.60% of you Americans live in Utah, and of those, 13% of you live in Spanish Fork. In fact, I bet if Stat Counter let me look even closer, we'd find that most of those 13% live within two blocs of my house. Thanks, ward!

Looking at the posts themselves, your top three favourite posts (with the most hits) from 2009 were:
  1. A few things and an extravagant Project Cheer
  2. Project Baby and Guest Blogger Week: Carina
  3. Project Baby: Guess the Gender Giveaway!

So, from this I surmise that my readers like it when I bare skin, have other people write my posts for me and give prizes.

Nice, readers. Very classy.

Ok, so look for more of those to come in the future!

(I suppose I could also conclude that y'all like babies.)

Back in the real world, 2009 was a pretty busy year:

  • I went back to school full-time. And worked part-time. And fell into an exhausted heap on the couch every night.
  • We discovered my cute daddy has cancer.
  • We found out that I was finally pregnant!
  • I celebrated my very first 29th birthday. (Look for more of those to come in the future too.)
  • I finally graduated!
  • We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary in Stockholm, then spent two weeks in Norway.
  • We found out that we're having a boy!
  • We flew to Ohio for a wedding and visited friends.
  • We celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in grand style with Nick's family. Total number of hours spent on the freeway: 21. Total number of candy bars handed out on Halloween: 800+. Total number of people at Thanksgiving dinner: 17. Total number of hours spent playing games (board or video): incalculable. Total number of nephew brains devoured by zombie uncles: 2+ resurrect and repeat = an infinity.
Did I mention that I was pregnant for most of this?

And so the very last evening of 2009 will be spent in absolute bliss: Bombay House take out, an empty house and just me and Nick and a 12:02 bedtime.

Happy New Year!


  1. What a delightful blog to end your year! My goodness you have had a very busy year! More excitement to come next - Happy New Year!

  2. Year, year year year...I'll say it again YEAR!

  3. Godt nytt år fra gamlelandet:)

  4. We do what we can. :) Happy New Year!

    Can't. Wait. To "meet" the baby!


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