A few things and an extravagant Project Cheer

Things have been a little quiet around here for the past month. On top of being out of town a lot, we've also both been sick. Nick with the cold-that-wouldn't-go-away and me with some abhorrent pregnancy-related nastiness. It wasn't anything serious, and without going into detail for all the internets to see, let me assure you that the baby is fine and I'm getting better quickly. Thank you, modern medicine!

I am planning to get some posts of our Christmassyness activities up pretty soon, but until then, I'd like to tell you about something lovely that someone did for me for Project Cheer. My lovely friend Emily was in town from LA for Thanksgiving, and kindly offered to do a maternity shoot with me. Now, I have pretty much spent the past six months hiding from cameras. Yes, pregnancy has made me feel that pretty. However, knowing from experience what Emily can do with her camera, I jumped at the opportunity. Because, really, who wouldn't want photos taken by someone who can make them look like this?

So, little Emily came over and we spent a few hours talking and laughing and taking photos. It was fun, low-key and relaxed. At least until she asked me to get my bare tummy out! I was admittedly skeptical, but trusted in Emily's magic working abilities, and now I'm so glad I did. Ladies and the occasional gentleman, I am proud to tell you that the glowing white orb you see in the top left corner of this post is my tummy. And I'm actually quite delighted with it.

Emily's act of kindness wasn't just being able to provide us with beautiful photos to remind us of this special, and frankly miraculous, time of our lives, or to allow us to share it with my family who live so far away. What she also did was to help me see beauty in myself and my ever-expanding proportions which, I think, is a little magical all on its own.

For more of our photo shoot, see here and here.


  1. Åh...så mange flotte bilder!!
    Du er heldig som har slike bilder:)

    Håper dere koser dere i tiden
    fram til jul :)

  2. It was uncanny to be viewing photos of you and then find you at my front door.

    those pictures are amazing. You really are glowing. What a beautiful mother! Emily does wonderful work! Beautiful. Stunning. Again beautiful! And I love that you bore your belly. Because it was brave. And also because it is beautiful.

    Did I mention that I find your photos beautiful?

    What a treasured thing to have! Sprinkle will adore those when he is all growned up.

    Thanks for the celebratory beverage! You guys helped us make our anniversary far more anniversary-ish than we were able to on our own! Bless you.

  3. Thank you for your kindness, Emily.
    You're a talented photographer, and I wish you were here to take some good pictures of me. If you look at Anne's blog you'll see where Tamsin gets her good looks from. You made her look lovely!
    Reidar (Tamsin's dad)

  4. what a lovely little bump! cant wait to see some pics of the buba!


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