Christmas: parties!

This has been the year of the Christmas parties for us, with five in the last two weeks alone. Lots of food, lots of fun, lots of staggering home and collapsing on the couch in a heap of pregnant exhaustion and overindulgence.

Our pre-Christmas party season culminated last night with a Charles Dickens themed dinner, hosted by the illustrious Stepper. Because, y'know, everyone with a two-year old and a four week old baby wants to cook a full turkey dinner for 12 people. The food was fantastic, the company, if possible, even better (and all dressed in Victorian garb) and we even played parlor games. Other than Sufjan Stevens playing in the background and a few references to The Cure during our game of charades, it was just like spending an evening in the company of Mr. Fezziwig and friends.

For more photos from the hostess herself, go here.


  1. Now that looks like loads of fun! I love that everyone played along and dressed up. That always makes the party better!

  2. En liten julehilsen fra Løten med ønske om ei fredfull julefeiring og et riktig godt nytt år - og ikke minst blir det et spesielt år med masse kos:) Gled dere!!

    Stor klem

    P.S Nydelig juletre!!


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