Happy Valentine's Day!

My flowers from Nick.

This is a busy week for us: Espen's birthday party and our "engageaversary" on Saturday, my dad's birthday and Norwegian Mother's Day on Sunday, Valentine's Day on Tuesday, Espen's actual birthday on Thursday followed by leaving town for the three day weekend. Phew! In the midst of all this craziness, Nick and I do still like to take the time to celebrate with a little romance. He surprised me with flowers last night (so I could enjoy them all day on Valentine's Day! :) ), and I found a sweet card on my pillow this morning that I'm sure I read with a big, goofy grin on my face. That man can still make me giddy!

We started a fantastic tradition a few years ago of getting take-out from the Bombay House on Valentine's Day. No more scrambling for babysitters or waiting in line four ages to get a table at crowded restaurants. Just the two of us, a couple of mango lassis and lots and lots of tasty curry. My kind of night! I'm sure we'll curl up with a movie too, preferably of the romantic variety. What are your favorites? I'd love some suggestions. 

Just two crazy kids against the world.
The photo above is one of our engagement photos, and to this day it still makes my heart skip around in unpredictable ways. We're older now, with a child, a house, two cars, an accountant for heaven's sakes!, but I still love my Nick with all the fire and excitement I felt in my heart on that rainy February day when he asked me to be his wife. When I said yes - twice.

Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to celebrate the fun side of love and romance. But in my heart, I will keep saying yes to you, Nicholas North, every single day for the rest of my life. Twice. 


  1. You two lovebirds are so cute! It does sound like you have a busy Valentine's week, but so cute that he still made time to make you feel special.


    And bravo!

    And your V-Day tradition sounds divine! :D

    Have you watched the Painted Veil? That's one of our favorites.


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