Small steps: closet clean-out

Some sunshiny flowers from our weekend in St. George.
We are literally just back from a weekend away and have collapsed onto the couch in front of Graham Norton (bless his little Irish socks) after tucking a very tired Espen into bed. I'll be headed in that direction myself pretty soon, but I just wanted to hop on here and give you the short version of this week's Small Steps challenge:

This week's challenge is going to be cleaning out our closets.  And before you get your knickers in the proverbial twist over this not being health-related, just hear me out for a minute. Aaaand cue a teensy bit of psychobabble: I really believe that one of the first steps towards having a healthy body is having a healthy mind. As a culture, we have the weirdest hangups about what we "should" look like, and spend a lot of time being down on ourselves if we don't fit that ideal. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that one of the things that often makes us feel bad about ourselves are clothes that don't fit the way we want them to. So this week I'll be paring down my closet to just the clothes that I'm happy with right now. I'm going to keep the clothes that I like and hope will fit better down the road, but I'll be boxing them up and putting them away so they're not a) taking up space in my closet and b) won't keep me frequently feeling bad about them. And anything that just isn't doing it for me at all is being donated.

What do you think?


  1. I've got three absolutely beautiful, amazing dresses in my wardrobe, that I've never fit, that I find really helpful to see every time I open it to remember why I can't eat all the cookies, :)

  2. You are so right. Once the clutter is out of your life your mind is happier and clearer! Now I'm off to clean!
    Blessings, Joanne


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