A little fruit salad

We are now 24 hours away from Espen's 2nd birthday party, and it is pretty safe to say that is the main focus of life around here right now. Everything revolves around trains or parties or both. Before I completely succumb to birthday party mom mode, I thought I'd share some photos from a little cooking session earlier in the week. Especially seeing as a few of you have told you miss the Espen picture overload you've grown accustomed to on the blog.

We had a lot of fruit hanging around, so I decided to make a fruit salad with Espen. It turned out to be a more or less perfect toddler activity, as long as I kept the knife at a safe distance. He loved watching me chop and dice, and was delighted to help with putting everything in the bowl and mixing it all up. And of course I was only too happy to allow a little (a lot) of taste testing.

 This banana tastes weird, Mama.

OK, the apple is better, but I don't think we're winning any award for food hygiene.  

 The fruit goes in the bowl, just like you said!

 Oh, like this! 

 I'm on it. 

 Thirsty work. 

More sampling.  

Et voila! (Note the lack of blackberries and see photo above.)

I'll be back on Monday with next week's challenge, and hopefully a round up of Espen's birthday party for you. Until then, have a good weekend! 


  1. Good luck with all the partying tomorrow! I'm super excited to see how it turns out!

  2. I can just hear him gasping with happiness after taking that drink. AHHH! CUTE!!!


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