Christmas visit in photos - Part One!

I took my mum and my brother to the airport yesterday, and their flight landed in Oslo about an hour ago, which means that we are officially back to normal. Espen's at school, Nick's at work and Gwen is taking a nap, and I have crept away from the quite literal mountains of laundry that I am contending with upstairs for a quick blog. Because I wanted to spend time with my family, I basically gave up on housework for the three-and-a-bit weeks they were here, and now I am paying the price! No matter, we had a lovely time. Want to see?

Here is the first part of my family's visit, up to Christmas Day. Because there are just so many photos and I really just want to remember it all, I'll be doing another post of the second part of their visit, including a road trip around the Grand Canyon. Such fun!*

Me and Espen (and Woofy!) waiting excitedly for Granny and uncle Jeremy to arrive at the airport. 
Getting some snuggles in. 
High fives in the back seat. Gwen and Granny hadn't seen each other since Gwen was five months old, so they had a lot of getting reacquainted to do. It didn't take long for them to make friends
Christmas shopping in Salt Lake City. 
Christmas lights in Spanish Fork. I have never seen Gwen so happy and excited!
Espen's Christmas program at Joy School. Here he is as a shepherd, chillin' with the virgin Mary.
Espen didn't want to wear his elf hat for the program, but Gwen would hardly take it off all day! 
My mum's birthday is a week before Christmas, so we got to celebrate it with her for once. Espen decorated Granny's cake. 
We took the birthday girl out for all Brazilian barbecue. I still can't stop laughing at Jeremy's face in this one!
One of the best things about having Granny here was having time to just spend time together and do every day stuff. Espen loved moments like this so much that we could hardly get him to leave the house for the entire time they were here!
Baking pepperkaker (Norwegian gingerbread cookies). These ones were the best we have ever made, and we ate a huge batch of them shamefully fast. 
Making gingerbread houses.
Cute little village.
I decided I could take her little mullet no longer, and hauled Gwen off to the hairdressers. She loved it all!
And then it was Christmas Eve!

We watched the same Czech version of  Cinderella that everyone in Norway has watched since the late 1970s. It's just not Christmas until Cinderella has snowballed the prince in the face and run off with his horse!

The boys went for a bracing winter walk. 

Gwen got dressed up in her new Christmas dress.

We ate traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner.

And were joined by a good friend from home.

Christmas dinner aftermath.

Before going to bed, Espen wanted to leave rice pudding for Santa, like Norwegian children do. I think only Espens leave Izzes for Santa.

Late that night Santa came!

And filled our stockings too. 
Espen and uncle Jeremy were up first, checking out the loot.

Gwen and I thought it was early

But we soon perked up. 

After presents, it was time to play with our new gifts.
Everyone had to try out Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. 

The boys assembling Espen's new race track.
Granny watched a favorite Christmas movie. 

And I crept off with one of my new books.
And the obligatory new pajamas photo.
And that was our Christmas! Of course there was dinner later on Christmas Day, along with more relaxing and eating treats and watching movies and a visit from uncle Cody and aunt Becky, but at some point we just seemed to put down the cameras and the phones and just enjoyed being together as a family for the first Christmas in our new home. Perfection. 

*Anyone else watch Miranda? Nick got it for me for Christmas, and we've all been saying "Such fun!" ever since. :)


  1. Gøy å se alle bildene - ser ut som dere har hatt en fantastisk hyggelig jul både store og små! Godt nytt år til dere alle sammen:)

    1. Ja, vi har stått på og kost oss masse. Nå har ikke vi feiret jul med "min" familie siden 1998, så jeg tror vi tok i litt ekstra iår. Men best har det jo vært å bare være sammen. :)

  2. eve quotes miranda at me about 12 times a day! so glad you had fun :)

    1. I saw in an interview with Miranda Hart that they were sort of amazed how much teenagers like the show, so it seems Eve is well on trend.

      Meanwhile, I've missed you! :)


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