French TV I used to watch

Shall we say bon jour, mes amis? It's Monday night and I am dipping my toes into my French immersion week. I finished up Julia Child's My Life in France yesterday (I'm now a total fan girl), and celebrated with a batch of petit pain chocolat for dessert. Can I just say make these?!? We found this recipe after suffering seriously pain chocolat withdrawal after staying in a hotel in Paris with a boulangerie across the street, and they are the closest thing to the real deal we have found around here. SO MAKE THEM!

I had a busy day today, so not a lot of time for Frenchiness, but I did indulge in a little Youtube trip down French memory lane. Backstory: Norway is a small country, so doesn't produce a lot of its own TV-programming. So they import stuff from all over the world, which means that when I was a teenager, I'd come home, drop my backpack and watch French after-school television. With Norwegian subtitles. Today I tracked down a few episodes of those shows, and gave them a second try to see if they stood the test of time. What do you think?

OK, I don't care what you say, Les Mondes Engloutis is awesome forever.

Edited to add Classe Mannequin, an instant classic about young, beautiful French people studying to be models. I looked for it yesterday, but could only remember the title in Norwegian. Fortunately BFF Annika came to the rescue so I could share this particular gem with you:


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