Well, hello there!

North family Christmas!
Just popping in to wish you a happy new year and a shamefully belated merry Christmas! I've been missing in action from the social media world because my mum and my brother have been visiting from Norway for the past three+ weeks, and my time has been spent (happily!) with them. We've celebrated my mother's birthday, prepared for Christmas, celebrated Christmas Norwegian and American (with a touch of English) style, road tripped around the Grand Canyon, spent the night in Las Vegas and enjoyed a lot of time together. And now they are flying back home on Monday, which deserves a definite :(.

Admittedly, Espen goes back to school on Tuesday and I am looking forward to getting back into a bit of an everyday routine again. And I have a few things on the blogging agenda, including the obligatory avalanche of photos from the past month. And then some! Until then, have a lovely weekend, and I hope we'll chat again next week.

Did you have a good Christmas/solstice/Kwanzaa/break?How did you spend it?


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