First day, first letter

Today ended up being a lot busier than anticipated, so I didn't actually sit down and write my letter until after 10 PM, and then I ended up writing it while we were watching Prime Suspect 7. However, seeing as I was writing a letter to dear little Erin Huff, it seemed completely natural that there should be some grisly British murder going on in the background. One of the things I like best about writing letters is being able to think about the person you're writing to, and the things you want to tell them, so, between the milk and chocolate cake and the murder mysteries, it was in a sense a bit like having Erin around. Which was nice, seeing as she has currently taken herself off to the Ohio. It was a reasonably short letter (one and a half pages), but not too bad considering it was to someone I stay in pretty good contact with. Tomorrow's ought to be a different story, when I plan to write to Kristin, my best friend from elementary school who I have seen about twice in the past decade. That will be interesting!

And now, time for bed.


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