Week 1: Writing letters

I have decided to spend my first week writing letters. I love getting things in the mail, and, in my opinion, a real hand-written letter is the jewel in the crown of postal correspondence. Closely rivaled by packages, of course. But I love the idea of someone sitting down with pen and paper in another time and another place to write words and thoughts for me to read. So that's what I'm going to do this week! I have a few "victims" picked out, but if you feel a special need for a letter from me, let me know, and I will sit down at my kitchen table and write you one!

Also, I'd like to throw out a quick solicitation for ideas for things for me to do in the coming year. I have listed some of my own in the right column, but would love a few suggestions from y'all :)


  1. Can I suggest that one of the letters be written to me? :)

  2. If you run out of correspondents, we'd love a letter ;-)

    Here are some (possibly weak) week suggestions (sorry if I do repeats--I can't see your list from here):

    --Learn to play hymns on the piano
    --Learn to play the recorder
    --Learn any instrument
    --Learn another language
    --Make cool websites (be a website-designer)
    --Expose yourself to new music from iTunes
    --Be a foodie
    --Be a runner
    --Be a tennis player
    --Be a poet (I saw the creative writing one, but surely you can break it down)
    --Be a grad-school candidate (research programs and pre-reqs)
    --Be a chef
    --Be a reader of encyclopedias
    --Be a trivia buff (this will require research from grocery cart aisle mags)
    --Learn large words
    --Be an expert on mythology
    --Be a scientist (experiments? read lots of national geographic?)
    --Be a teacher (prepare lesson plans on... the gospel? Norway? whatever you'd like)
    --Documentary maker
    --Book binding
    --Tourist (even of Springville--go to all the local sites, or broaden your horizons and hit SLC)
    --A restaurant critic

    All right, I've got to move on. This is a fun idea! I might eventually copy you.

  3. Wow, Josh! Those are some fantastical ideas :) I might have to stretch beyond a year to incorporate them all!

  4. What an exciting blog project! And, not to overburden you with correspondence, but we LOVE letters:) We got one from Clay's sweet nine year old sister yesterday; what a treat!
    Here are some things I would like to do, perhaps you might like to try them too:
    upholster something
    make only raw food for a week
    read and/or watch the Anne of Green Gables series (again)
    volunteer more
    put together a photo book at blurb.com of our wedding
    dig clams (you can come to Maine to do this one!)
    go kayaking
    learn to take cooler pictures with my nice digital camera
    write a children's book
    organize all my favorite recipes into a book (blurb.com would be helpful on this one too)
    learn origami
    send in a postcard to postsecret.com
    make treats and deliver them anonymously to people (do you think they would eat them though?)
    Anyway, there's more. But lately my big goals are 1)eat and 2) take a shower. Turns out babies are kind of time-consuming:)

  5. Letters are a FANTASTIC idea! You better be careful...You might develope a long term habbit of corresponding with the people you first start writing. Pen Pals...Always good for "Staying Power"! ahha

  6. Cute Tess! I knew you'd read my blog, my lovely little sister! Won't you be my pen pal? Also, I think I very specifically need some suggestions from you :)


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