Game night

Tonight's photos illustrate the point (I hope!) that you don't always need to set up a formal photo shoot to get some decent shots. One of the reasons why I wanted to do this week's project was to remind myself to take more photos of every day life. it would be so sad to look back on this stage of our life and realize that we didn't think to take any photos of the things we have done, and the good friends we did them with.
Tonight we went to a game night at a little store called Board Game Revolution with our friends Matt and Bonnie to try out a new game called Swashbuckled. It was lots of fun, and the game pieces were super cute little ships that I couldn't stop taking photos of:

I'm quite pleased that I've found a way to take close up photos with a point and shoot camera, while still being able to get the focus on the things I want. And the little ships are so cute!

Speaking of super cute: Nick won the game (shocking, I know.) and was quite pleased about it, as there was a very close and nailbiting end to the game where it all came down to Matt and Nick and one roll of the dice.

I came in second, which was pretty much miraculous seeing as I spent most of the game taking photos and being in an almost perpetual state of confusion as to what I could and couldn't do on my turn. I guess I must have had one or two lucid moments, though.
All in all, fun times. Stay tuned for more excitement tomorrow, when I might do anything from go to the mail box to fold laundry. The thrills! The spills!


  1. Totally true, blogging is a GREAT way to keep in touch! I am inspired by your project! This makes me want to do new and interesting things now! Someday when I'm in Utah again and I have a car, we should go on a photo shoot! There are so many beautiful places here that go unnoticed like Midway, and Bonneville Canyon and Strawberry would be fantastic. Thanks for adding me to your blog list, and you are TOTALLY on mine!

  2. Hehe I love the cute little ships. Oh and how well we all know that face of Nicks. It's so not fair that he is soo good at these games! lol Your pictures are creative. Cute Tamsin I see your personality in all of them, even without the descriptions!


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