Letter number three, obstacle number one

Today's letter was to my Nana, AKA my dad's mum. I wanted to thank her for the poem she sent me for birthday:

"Ode to Tam
The passage of hours, the passage of days
and weeks and years, they go in a haze
and suddenly little Tam is twentyeight...
O, I hope by American time this greeting is not too late
- or maybe too early for Nick's birthday girlie...
A new house for one's spouse
wandering from room to room, trying the doors..
and the floors,
peeking out of windows,
fiddling with the TV cable
the first breakfast together over one's very own table
and (to quote Pepys) so to bed.
Nuff said.
Have a nice birthday Tam, love to Nick.
love also from Farmor ba"

Obviously, my grandmother is nuts. Always has been. But then again, she's also very nice, so I thought I'd write her a letter and tell about our new house. I can't remember ever writing a letter to her before (emails, yes, letters no), and I love her lots, so I thought it would be a nice thing to do. I did have to solve the problem that, while I live in Spanish Fork, all of my letter writing supplies still live in Springville. But a quick dive into my craft box solved that, even if it meant I had to draw my own design on the notecard. The real obstacle was when I thought I should probably check and see how much international postage was these days, and realized that my 90 cent stamps were 4 cents short. We went to the Spanish Fork Post Office only to discover that their stamp machine had been removed because it was "obsolete". Thanks, USPS. Way to not sell stamps.At the Post Office. So we went to Albertson's, like they suggested, and they didn't have stamps either. By this point I realized that tomorrow is Pioneer Day, so my poor little letter would just have sat in the mail box anyway. So I guess I'll be communicating with the continental US only until I can lay my hands on some 4 cent filler stamps! Grrr.


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