Four, five and six

My last three letters have been to some of my favourite people with July birthdays. The first letter was a bit special because it happened to be written to Josh and Lolly Weed on the night that Lolly went into labor with their youngest daughter, Olivia. One of the things I like best about writing letters is that the whole space/time continuum sort of goes out the window, and the writer can, in a sense, feel like they are with the reader, and vice versa. While I knew that that the Weeds wouldn't get my letter until days after their baby was born, I liked thinking about them on this momentous day in their life, especially contrasted with my quiet living room.

The next letters were to Tess and MarLyn. I haven't talked to MarLyn in a long time, but I happened to think of her on her birthday (Thank you, Facebook!) and decided to write to her. It was very late when I started, so it turned it to very rambley and philosophical sort of letter. Thankfully MarLyn is the sort of person who can appreciate a good ramble, so I don't think she'll think I'm too crazy! I think. I hope?

Letter number six was for my cute sister in law Tess. She has just spent 3 weeks on the French Riviera, and so I thought she might be in need of some emotional support now that she has left. I love my little Tess, and I hope I haven't spoiled the surprise too much by announcing here that I have written to her. Tess is not only a wonderful in law, she is also my most faithful blog reader and commenter. Bless her!

So it occurred to me the other day that starting off my blog project with a weeks worth of blogging about writing letters probably isn't the best way to gain a vast and faithful readership. I'll admit it doesn't make for the most thrilling reading, but guess what: Hard bun, people! I wanted to write more letters, so I did. Next week will hopefully make for more interesting reading. Stay with me, kids!


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