Before and After

As promised, (now that I've found the cord!) some before and after photos of the raspberry bushes. As you can see, they were unabashedly heading for world dominance before I spent an hour ripping them out. Not that they didn't put up a fight, though - I still have a 4 inch scratch on my arm from them.
Now they look a lot more manageable, albeit somewhat scraggly. I'll blame that on it being autumn, and expect greater things next summer.

And because I couldn't have done it without them, I am including this glamour shot of my new gardening gloves and shears. Which I will call secateurs, because that is how I was brought up.


  1. ohhhhh Jackson secateurs!!! Im soo proud Tamsin! It looks so good!

  2. Oh, little Tess. Come home and make my garden pretty, ok?


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