My adventures in vegetarianism so far have been rich and varied. I have basked in the glory that is Zucchini cakes with mushroom ragoût. I have scoured the contents of a food item to see if it contained any meat or animal product (other than eggs or dairy, I am after all a lacto-ovo vegetarian), and I have been faced with the joys of ordering meat-free off the board at a fast food restaurant:

Me: I'd like the "Garden Delight", please.
Restaurant Employee: Oh, we don't have it anymore.
Me: Oh. Well, maybe you should take it off your menu then?
RE: That's not really my job.
Me. .......?

So we ended up going to Teriyaki Stix and having a veggie bowl instead.

I have also enjoyed using such phrases as "We vegetarians need to make sure that we get enough protein", and "as a vegetarian, that offends me". The latter was to friend Brian, who told me that he would have to eat two animals for every one that I abstained from this week. The philistine.

Some of you have wondered why I've decided to do this, and there are a couple of reasons.
1) As mentioned, I always wanted to be a vegetarian when I was a teenager. However, whenever I would tell my mother about my newfound conviction, she would always listen attentively ("that's nice, dear") and then bust out the beef stew or my favourite carnivorous dish for dinner. As a lot of my friends have been vegetarian since then, it's a thought that has crossed my mind off and on for years, and I thought this would be a nice way to pay tribute to my idealistic teenage self.
2) I've been trying to introduce a lot more fruit and vegetables into our diet, and being a vegetarian seemed like a good way to go.
3) As a member of the LDS church, I try to adhere to the teachings of the Word of Wisdom. Mostly we take that to mean no coffee, tea, tobacco or alcohol, but it does undeniably talk about using meat sparingly, and that is something I've been giving some thought lately. To be honest, we're not exactly throwing back vast amounts of steak or anything like that, but most of our dinners do have meat in them, and it would probably benefit us in more ways than one to cut back a bit.
4) I'm just curious to see if I notice any effects after just one week. My mum said I'd notice a big difference in our grocery bill, Tess says that being a vegetarian is so great I might not ever want to go back, and Daisy said that after one week of vegetarian living, her hair started falling out. I'm only on day 4, so I will have to let you know how I feel at the end of the week.


  1. Hmm I never noticed a massive change like hair loss after only 1 week, but we all have bodies that react differently. I think even to this day I don't have any hair problems. Though I did loose 20lbs the first month! Hey even if you don't keep doing it then at least you could make a goal of cooking with more veggies and less meat or better meats then RED meats! Anyhow, good luck! I am interested in how this one goes!


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