Come again another day

In perfect accordance with Murphy's Law, it has been raining ever since I decided to spend the week in the garden, so I have had to content myself so far with some research and preparation. has informed of some of the things that need be done in my "zone" (Oh yeah, I'm all hip with the lingo!) at this time of year, and has caught me up on how to prune my raspberry bushes. We also took a trip to the fabulous CAL Ranch Store to acquire my very own gardening gloves and pruning shears. I don't think I've ever owned gardening equipment before (beyond a watering can, truth be told), so we certainly are moving up in the world.
Anyway, it looks like tomorrow will be sunny, so I'll try to accomplish something then. Please breathe easily until you hear from me again.


  1. i totally got drenched in the rain today! I was walking to the Family History Library in the only 30 minutes of downpour all day. And carrying file folders that I didn't want to get wet! I'm excited for you to garden! I am picking tomatoes off my plants ever few days, and it makes me excited to have berry bushes (someday...).

  2. I have some friends in Cabo right now that got rained on as well! It seems that its raining EVERYWHeRe, but HOLLAND! hmmm weird, especially since its always the other way around!


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