A Knitting Update

As of last night: 20.5 inches. This should mean that I have another 3.5 inches to go until I've finished the main blanket part, but on closer examination, it turns out that my blanket is 23" wide, which means that it only needs to be 23" long. So I only have another 2.5 inches to go. Yay! I am getting a little bit nervous about finishing it by Sunday, though. We're going out with friends tonight, and painting the stairwell tomorrow, so that does not leave a lot of knitting time between now and then. I've vaguely considering bringing my knitting out with me tonight, but am honestly not prepared to cross the boundary of knitting at restaurants and movie theaters. So, we'll see.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! Are those actual pictures of your yarn? I like the colors!!!

  2. Hey, pretty pictures. A little throw-back to photog week:)
    PS How about an Amish week? You know, you make your own cheese and whatnot, do everything from scratch? Maybe I'm weird, but that sounds fun to me.


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