A quick update

So: I have knitted all but two rows of my blanket, and would have finished it well on time if I hadn't decided to spend all of Saturday painting the stairwell (Caution: Not a decision to be taken lightly). I've been so busy lately that I barely even know my own name, but plan a more detailed update tomorrow night. For now, it will have to be sufficient to let you know that this week I am living out my teenage ambition of being a vegetarian. So far, so good.


  1. Your Name is Tamsin! Be careful with that Vegetarian thing. Four years from now you might find yourself on the same diet even though you still like meat! hahaha

  2. Hey, I was a teenage vegetarian too! Until a too-tempting steak crossed my path...

  3. Uh, I'm not a teenager but still a vegetarian so what does that mean? Are you sure you, being Norwegian and all, won't pass out by the end of the week?

    What color is your new stairwell? I usually could care less about paint, but you and Nick always pick out such cool colors and it inspires me. Can I come see it soon? Did you get your pens? Questions during comment posts?


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