25 Weeks and counting - a little ramble.

This week marks my 25th week of pregnancy, and I am starting to feel like there just might be an end in sight after all. I'm only two weeks away from the third trimester, and that definitely feels a bit downward slope-ish.

I'm actually feeling pretty good these days. My morning sickness hasn't lasted as long this pregnancy (about 20 weeks instead of 24), and I'm not so big yet that I can't move around. I can feel the baby move quite a lot and often, which I find reassuring, even if she is kicking me in the bladder. If a lot of movement signifies a healthy baby, then we're expecting an Olympian! Nick has even felt her move a few times, and it makes me happy to have someone to share this whole experience with. Espen will put his hands on my tummy when I do, but he never sits still long enough to feel anything, and always wants me to feel baby sister in his tummy instead.

My biggest complaints are probably how tired I am by the end of the day, and some sciatic back pain. But that's just part of the deal, and honestly a small price to pay for the gift of a healthy pregnancy and baby. Just don't remind me of that at 4 AM when my back hurts and I'm too uncomfortable to sleep!

We still haven't made a lot of preparations for this baby, which feels a bit funny compared to the turbo first-timers we were with Espen. Part of that is probably because we already have most of the baby gear already (it just needs to come down from the attic for a good cleaning), and partly because Espen is such an all-consuming part of our life, that there just isn't time to fret over baby preparations when we still have three months to go!

My mother, on the other hand, is super-prepared for this baby! She has already sent a respectable stack of adorable little clothes over from Norway, and I know there is more to come. And today when we were Skyping she showed me a half-finished little white cardigan for the baby to wear for her blessing (the LDS church equivalent of a christening), an event I have only vaguely thought about beyond "while my parents are here" and "yes, December sometime, probably". It's a good thing I'm not going to be solely responsible for this little girl's welfare!

To my defense, I'm not a complete wastrel of a mother. I have covered important things like making a Pinterest board of clothes and books (mostly clothes) I want to get her, and I have bought her two sets of jammies and a summer dress for next year, which roughly equates a Mother-of-the-Year award, right?

It is super cute, though, which I think makes up for a lot. 
In all seriousness, we have made a few plans towards her arrival. We've been talking to our doctor about how and when she might arrive (without getting too personal here, I'll just tell you that my babies seem to get good and comfy in their space and don't like to leave), and we've made some plans with Nick's parents for how we're going to handle the baby arriving in the middle of Thanksgiving when they live 3.5 hours away and someone needs to take care of Espen. That actually lifted a huge weight of my mind, just to know that Espen will be having the time of his little life with his grandparents while we're in the hospital. Now we just need to pick up some diapers and wait for the stores just need to start stocking cold-weather baby clothes and we should be set!

Right, guys?


  1. Seems like your doing all the right things :) Relax and enjoy.Love the little white dress it is so pretty . What size is it ?


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