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A sign that the seasons are changing.

Hello friend! I keep writing blog posts in my head, but never seem to have the time and the presence of mind simultaneously to sit down and write them for you to read. Can I say, though, that if you like my blog, you'd love the inside of my head. That's where I do all my best writing. Sadly, so little of it makes it out of there and into print. Let me just throw out a quick list of the things I'd like to blog about:
  • Our little garden
  • A sneak peek at baby Squiggle's growing wardrobe. 
  • A few thoughts about why I chose to be a stay-at-home parent (even though I have a degree and a fully-functioing mind of my own.)
  • Project Pinterest, part 2: I used this method to clean my dish washer, in spite of having seen this
  • Is it too late to write about our trip to Norway?
  • I'm actually making a wreath for our front door. Do girl babies make you craftier?
  • And six months later, how about that post about Espen's birthday train cake?
  • A post about those tiny, perfect moments when everything is right. 
So. More to come soon. After the three-day weekend. 


  1. totally get the writing in your head bit; do it all the time. but i think your rate of making those thoughts into a published, coherent blog post is better than mine.

    yes, i want to hear about/see your little garden & little squiggle's wardrobe. and no, it's not too late to post about Norway.

    i patiently await your thoughts colliding with the above list and exploding into awesome blog posts!

  2. As it happens, I was emailing you just as your comment popped up. Serendipity?

  3. ja, du må blogge, masse! og det aldri for sent for noen ting. jeg har mange ting jeg skal blogge, som har sjekk for lenge siden.


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