Our 15 seconds of fame.

This is mostly for the grandparents and other special interest groups,  but  I thought I'd show you this little video. I've been meaning to show you this for ages now, but keep forgetting to for whatever reason. (Hint: it might have something to do with me not registering that there would be a camera, and showing up with wet hair and no makeup. Morning sickness, my friends). 

Anyway, Espen goes to a monthly art class at the Museum of Art at BYU, and we made it into this little news segment about it. Highlights include my good friend Ari and her adorable son Landon, and the two sentences the camera crew were able to get out of Espen. They seemed to zero in on him a bit because he is a very vocal and verbal little guy, but as soon as the camera was on he just clammed up and refused to perform. He ain't no circus pony! :) And yes, I was every bit as frazzled and distracted by Espen as I appear. 

If you're local to this area, you can find out more about the program here. Just don't take our spot! 


  1. synes dere er vakre begge to klart Espen tar førsteplassen thi hi
    Så morro med ett slikt opplegg :)

  2. Takk takk :) Ja, det er fint med litt som skjer, spesielt for de av oss som er hjemmeværende med barn. Veldig flott å ha noe fast som vi kan bli med på!

  3. Will you still remember me when you and Espen are huge Holywood stars? Sounds like a great program. :)

  4. I love this, you look just fine so don't worry and hearing your voices is just great. Did you know the Earth withtout art is just Eh, so keep up the good work :)

    I'm doing an art project at the nursery this fall so any ideas will be highly appreciated. What was the thing with the coloured waterbottles? All the children are under the age of two so their abelity to make things are limited.

  5. what a great idea, especially as you say something for the under 3's hope you all continue to enjoy it. My grandson would love that, but alas to far to travel

  6. Landon was pretty sure we were famous after seeing this for the first time :)! And it came out when we were in Iowa - so my mom had me show my whole family. She proudly pointed us out ... and you guys as our good friends :)!


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