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Here's another post I've been wanting to share with you for months. When we first found out I was pregnant again we decided to take some family photos. In part as a way to announce the new baby to my family, and in part to document our little family when it was just the three of us. I'm not sure if it's just us, but it seems like, left to our own devices, we get about two photos with all three of us in per year, and I'm always looking wild-eyed and flustered from trying to wrangle Espen in the general direction of the camera. And photos of just me and Nick barely even exist anymore. Clearly it was time to do a little memory preservation!

We got in touch with Keira of Snap Photography who spent an hour with us in the hot April sun, trying to get us all to look in the right direction at the same time. Miraculously (on our part) we got a lot of great shots, and here are just a few of my favorites:

We were lucky in that Keira is a good family friend and someone that Espen loves and trusts, so he felt very at ease with her, but I know from her other work that she is such a professional and so good with kids. I feel like it takes a very special kind of photographer to get such happy, natural shots of children as Keira does, especially when they're as busy and wiggly as Espen. So if you're local and looking for a photographer, I'd definitely recommend checking out Snap Photography. I'm so glad that we did and that we now have some good photos to look back on of this stage of our lives.

Oh, and one more photo before I go. I'm not sure what's up with that face, but this one makes me laugh so hard:

How about you? Do you do formal family photos, or do you prefer to keep it casual with the photos you take at home? Do you have any great ideas for documenting your family's life and growth?


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    1. Thanks! That is an official North Family Squishy Cheek :)

  2. Okay, so my favorite is the b&w of you and Espen smiling with eyes closed. What a perfect, beautiful mama and son moment.

    I wish I could do more family pictures, but Eric SUPER isn't into having his picture taken. So I only get them every other year or so. But I looked up your photographer's info, I may have to call her!!

  3. Love your dress! You guys are so cute. Adam and I should get a photo of us together at some point.

  4. what a beautiful set of photos!
    personally i've preferred candids! my mom on the other hand prefers having us all sit and smile at the camera and say cheese, so our albums have helpings of both types.

  5. Så nydelige dere er alle tre, skikkelig fotogen gjeng og om ikke lenge er dere en liten prinsesse rikere :)

    Stor klem

  6. We also had the problem of not enough family photos until I asked for a cheap little tripod for Christmas. It has made all the difference.

  7. I love your dress, where is it from!?

    1. Thank you! I love that dress too, and can't wait to fit into it again :) I found it at Marks and Spencer in England. Unfortunately I got it last summer, so they no longer carry it. A few of my other favorite resources for dresses are (or and I could spend so much money at both :)


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