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You might find yourself wondering why this post features photos of me posing slightly awkwardly in a dress. Well, let me tell you: You know when you discover something really good that not a lot of people know about, and you have that conflicted moment where you try to decide if you want to keep it all to yourself or go shout it from the rooftops? Well, consider this my rooftop shouting moment where I tell you about Eshakti*.

Eshakti is an online women's clothing store that sells really great (often quite unusual) clothes at good prices. Their dresses especially tend to be pretty, feminine (with a little bit of a 1950s vibe) and quite different from what you will find elsewhere. Their sizes go from a US size 0 to 36W. Sounds quite good, right? But wait, there's more:

Eshakti let's you customize each item to your liking. Because they only start making your dress once you have ordered it, on a standard order they will let you make little alterations, like whether or not you want the embellishments on the dress, or if you would like pockets, little things like that. They also ask for your height so your hemline will hit right where you want it to, which is pretty great.

In addition to that, for a small fee ($7.50) they will let you change the skirt length, sleeve type and  neckline (depending on the item of clothing), and you can even submit your own measurements for a item of clothing that is made to fit your unique body. And the whole process only takes about two weeks!

Truth be told, I discovered Eshakti about four years ago when I was looking for a special dress for the holidays, and was having a hard time finding something I felt good about wearing less than a year after having my first baby. So I gave them a try and got a dress I felt pretty and comfortable in, and I have been ordering from them occasionally ever since.

The only complaints I have about their dresses are these: they tend to favor hidden zippers on the side, and those can be a beast to open and close by yourself. It also means some fairly undignified wriggling to get out of the dress afterwards, especially if you are on the bustier side. And I find that the dresses with the side zipper can run a little tight below the bust, so if you're not doing your custom measurements, you might want to go up one size. Again, that probably especially applies to those of us whose cups runneth o'er, if you know what I mean.

I love the embroidered detailing on the neckline. 

 Every time I wear something from Eshakti, I always get heaps of compliments and questions about where I bought it, which is really why I wrote this post. Share the wealth, share the love!

Oh, and if you decide to order something from them, please let me refer you, so you can get a discount!

*As usual when I recommend something like a product or a service, my opinion is my own and has not been paid for. Eshakti has no clue who I am other than an occasional customer, and I am not nearly blog-famous enough for them to pay me for telling you I like them. 


  1. Hey there, I found you via the NaBloPoMo blogroll.

    I have heard a lot about Eshakti across the interwebs. I really love this dress you're wearing. :)

    As part of NaBloPoMo I try to comment on as many participating blogs as I can, and I also add participating blogs to my feed reader.

    So I'm just dropping by to let you know I've added your blog to my feedreader, I'm reading you loud and clear, I have a link up going at my place so my readers can find participating blogs which you are more than welcome to add your blog link to.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts, and you'll likely see me drop by again during November.

    Happy NaBloPoMo to you!


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