I sure did get them matching pajamas! So there's that.

Just a super quick, super token post before I crawl into bed so I don't miss another day of NaBloPoMo. We've had a really fun weekend, and now we have another really busy week ahead of us. I have a few posts I'm working on that I'm hoping to share soon (pictures from our Venice trip, maybe a bit about our Christmas card project this year, a bit about Thanksgiving preparations), so hopefully I'll still be able to carve out a little time each day to do that.

Quick question: I get some questions about where I find Gwen's clothes - are any of you interested at all in me putting together an inspiration board type post about little girl clothes?

Is there anything you would like me to write more about? We've got two weeks to go until November is over, people, we can do it if we try!

OK, off to bed: school and grocery shopping and doctor's appointments tomorrow. Things to look forward to!


  1. well, I know you get a lot of your clothes at Target! Their stuff is so cute. I like how you dress both your kids.

    1. Yup, Target is definitely a favorite: close, cheap and cute is hard to beat! :)


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