30 in 30: Day 10 - Animal

As it happens, I don't have too many animals parading around my house in anticipation of having their photo taken, so for today's challenge I went digging in the archives and found this photo of an owl that I took in England this summer:

Lest you be of the impression that England is teeming with woodland creatures just aching for a photo op, or that I am even remotely decent with a camera, let me assure you that this was taken at Paradise Park, a wildlife sanctuary in Cornwall. I literally looked up, and there it was. Espen fell deeply in love with owls that day, and brought a little toy one home with him, thanks to some pocket money from his great-granny. He will still happily inform you that an owl says "hoo-hoo" if you ask him. I love how much he loves animals, and hope that he will keep that love with him as he grows older. 


  1. I love how children become obsessed with new things. I love that Espen is obsessed with owls. Tell him "hoo hoo" for me!

  2. I want to believe it is teeming with wild animals, actually. If you ever need an animal to photograph Ellie is a willing subject (albeit not nearly as interesting as the owl), and your cute kiddo is welcome to play with her anytime :)!


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